Book signing of Clandestine Occupations
at the Anarchist Bookfair, 2016
Book reading of Clandestine Occupations
at Skylight Books, 2016


Arm the Spirit – A Woman’s Journey Underground and Back

In June 1985, Diana Block, her two-week-old son, and five companions fled Los Angeles after finding a surveillance device in their car. Facing the possibility of arrest because of her militant activities in the struggle for Puerto Rican independence, Diana spent the next decade living underground: on the run from the FBI, raising two children, and juggling security, solidarity, and motherhood.

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Clandestine Occupations – An Imaginary History

Told from the points of view of five different women who cross paths with Luba over four decades, Clandestine Occupations explores the difficult decisions that activists confront about the boundaries of legality and speculates about the scope of clandestine action in the future. It is a thought-provoking reflection on the risks and sacrifices of political activism as well as the damaging reverberations of disaffection and cynicism.

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Contesting Carceral Logic – Towards Abolitionist Futures

Foreword by Diana Block—Battling Carceral Logic with Collective Care and Radical Solidarity

Contesting Carceral Logic provides an innovative and cutting-edge analysis of how carceral logic is embedded within contemporary society, emphasizing international perspectives, the harms and critiques of using carceral logic to respond to human wrongdoing, and exploring penal abolition thought.

Arc of Solidarity: From the Tenth to the Fiftieth Brigades

The Venceremos Brigade Chapbook Series is a collection of essays written by members of the Venceremos Brigade (VB) about the multigenerational interplay of activists experiencing the politics and culture of Cuba. VB volunteers—aka, brigadistas—have led annual political education trips to the island since the civil rights era.

For the Love of Palestine: Stories of Women, Imprisonment and Resistance

I edited this pamphlet with Anna Henry after we returned from a delegation to Palestine in 2016 which was focused on solidarity between Palestinian and U.S. prisoners.

The Fire Inside

The newsletter of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, the longest continuously published newsletter by and for people in women’s prisons in the U.S.

I have been a member of the Fire Inside editorial collective since 1996 when it was started.


The political journal of the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee and published between 1977 and 1995. 

I was a member of the editorial collective of Breakthrough between 1977 and 1980.

Women’s Liberation in the Zimbabwean Revolution

I was part of the collective that edited Women’s Liberation in the Zimbabwean Revolution in 1979.

Women’s Liberation and Imperialism

I was part of the collective that wrote Women’s Liberation and Imperialism, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee’s 1977 statement on this issue.

Stress Management, in Sinister Wisdom

I submitted a poem in 1985 to the journal Sinister Wisdom under a pseudonym, Renee Pierce. The poem, Stress Management, was published in issue 28, p. 44. 

Women of Viet Nam

I was part of the editorial collective that worked with author Arlene Eisen Bergman and illustrator Jane Norling on the book Women of Viet Nam that was published in 1974 by Peoples Press.