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Speaking Truth to Power

A part of the national #OffTheList week of action in solidarity with Cuba

Speaking Truth to Power in front of Nancy Pelosi’s SF Office

On June 21 the Bay Area Cuba Solidarity Committee gathered in front of the SF Federal Building where Representative Nancy Pelosi has her office. We were trying to give her a letter signed by dozens of Bay Area people asking her to use her influence to get Cuba taken OffTheList of State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT). This was part of a national #OffTheList week of action. More information below.

In its final weeks, the Trump Administration  put Cuba on a list of countries that the US claims are “state sponsors of terrorism,” without any credible evidence. 

The SSOT designation seriously increases the punitive restrictions on Cuban trade, finance, family remittances and travel.  The result has been dire shortages of food, medicine, spare parts, fuel and all necessities. 

Far from harboring terrorists or enabling terrorism, Cuba has a long history of sponsoring global  healthcare and well-being all around the globe.  

Worldwide, heads of state and leaders in public, religious and civic sectors have called for President Biden to remove Cuba from the SSOT. 

With the stroke of his pen, President Biden could follow the path taken by President Obama when he was in office, and immediately remove Cuba from this criminalizing list.






Header Image: March to support Inez García’s freedom in downtown San Francisco, 1974. Photo taken by Cathy Cade.